Diet decisions


It is probably the most prevalant of new year resolutions. Lose weight.

With this resolution a number of other sub resolutions come into play. Get fit. Become more active. Get healthy!

Yet where does one start. What diet is best suited for you. The internet is littered with  thousands of diet plans and advice. From the slightly dubious diet shakes to the micronutrient diet regime, it is enough to make you give up, grab a packet of chips, sit on the coach and watch biggest losers.

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Maintaining Sanity

I have never met an insane person. Sure, I sat next to some interesting characters on my tediously long commute to university, but I have never sat down and talked with a person who is slightly unhinged. It’s not that I am particularly keen on having a purposeful conversation with someone who might very well want to eat my skin, heck that would be completely the opposite of what I want. I quite like my skin where it is. However the first and probably only question I would ever ask this skin devouring person is…why are you insane?

I am well aware that insanity can be a chemical imbalance in the brain and that some people really can’t control it. I am also well aware that asking an insane person why they are insane will probably illicit an insane response. No surprise there. Yet, the majority of people are not born insane. Certain life events can create insane behaviour. Life in itself has the power to test your sanity. So how does one maintain their sanity?

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Do you have a deep voice?

It has always been considered that persons with a deep voice appear to be authoritative and trustworthy. Take Morgan Freeman for example. He is the go to man for voice over work. His voice alone gives movies and documentaries that extra degree of legitimacy and importance. If this man sat down with a group of people and started reading the phonebook, every person, regardless of the medium will be transfixed purely due to his velvety deep voice. With this in mind, its no wonder that people who have naturally deep voices tend to succeed in positions of leadership.

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Forget about Goals

I started this blog after reading an article by Leo Babauta from Zen Habits. In a nutshell, he suggests completely abandoning the idea of setting goals and sub goals. The aim behind this is to stop letting yourself be limited by goals.

This is a rather large daunting process to undertake. Almost every individual has a goal(s) in life, wether it be to improve their health and fitness, find love, get that promotion at work or, as in my case, save for that house deposit. All these situations require a degree of planning and like most of us, we have been taught that to succeed, we must have an achievable goal.

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What’s the go?..

This isn’t a self-help blog. This is a help-self blog!

Let’s say that 2011 hasn’t exactly been a stellar year. In saying that it hasn’t been a total write off. My career has progressed sufficiently and many new opportunities have come my way. However, all these great things have been overshadowed by not-so great things. Failed relationships, conflict and questionable (stupid!) decisions have definitely thrown a spanner in the works. The New Year is definitely looking more enticing. Yet hoping that a new year will erase all that has happened is just fanciful.

In situations like these you consult friends and family. They provide advice in what they deem to be your best interests. The insights given were invaluable, but it’s all the same stuff. Try new things, read, travel, move furniture around, burn some incense. Some of this advice was worthy (Travel!), some others, not so much. And that’s the issue, I and many other people need something different.

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